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Web links to useful information and products for the alpaca farmer:

Books & Videos:

    “The Complete Alpaca Book” by Eric Hoffman (2003)
    A great resource book.  It has it all–explains the industry, history, anatomy, daily management, and
    even Eric even offers his own opinions on issues.

    “Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health Management Guide” by Clare Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus
    A wonderful “first” alpaca book.  A great reference for daily questions regarding herd health and

    “Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care” by Bradford Smith, DVM, Karen Timm, DVM, and Patrick Long, DVM
    A must-have reference if you have intend to birth on your farm. You will carry this to the barn and refer
    to it often around birthing season.

    “Alpaca Field Manual” by C. Norman Evans, DVM (2003)
    A minutely-detailed reference manual with information on basic how-to's of immunizations, feeding,
    medical conditions, birthing and the newborn cria.  

    “The Camelid Companion: Handling and Training Your Alpacas & Llamas” by Marty McGee Bennett (2001)
    The title says it all.  Marty explains in detail how to take your incorrigible camelid and whip it into
    shape.  She gives information on touch as well.

    "The Mallon Method--Halter Training  Basics" by John Mallon
    This video offers the novice viewer information on how to entice an alpaca or llama to take a halter
    and lead.

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